Macadamia Satay Sauc

This my 1st attempt and recipe for a CKD (Chronic Kidney Disease) friendly dish. Unlike the usual satay sauce which uses peanut which is high in potassium. Macadamia nuts are know to be low in potassium.

Japanese Vegetable Curry

I was inspired to try cooking this dish from scratch, although I did buy the curry powder ( S&B) from my recent Japan trip.

Karage ala TAGPakUsu

It was only on my 3rd Japanese trip recently that I got a chance to eat Halal Karage together with Japanese Vege Curry. After eating Japanese Curry Rice 3 times from #CocoIchi #MyHalalCurry, I made it my mission to find out how to cook them on the Internet. I also bought Japanese Curry Powder (S&B) …