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AsSalam & Greetings to all,

My name is Subhan a.k.a Pak Usu among my family members or Tok Usu to my grand nieces. I am a full time home based cook and my interest in food and cooking began since childhood. I was often invited by my Mum and Dad to my aunt’s food stall located in a construction site. I would often help out at her food stall in Jurong during the school term holidays. When my late Dad retired and opened his food stall, I would helped out every weekend or whenever I’ve  got the chance. Although at one point when I had a steady job, I still helped at my family eatery and it had become the norm. I enjoyed those days.

I first stepped into the kitchen when I was still a student. Dad had gone out to work and Mum supplement the family income by washing clothes at people’s homes.  Sometime I had to cook for myself and the only thing I knew then was how to fry some eggs or to prepare instant noodle. I started learning to cook by watching my Mum in the kitchen.

I did not have any formal education in the culinary field. Neither did I take cooking lessons. I learnt a lot from watching cooking shows on TV. Alhamdulillah, due to my my interest, I do not feel awkward in the the kitchen.  I am always at ease when I am in my kitchen.

Now with the internet, I am more exposed to different types of food and dishes. No need to buy cook books. Everything is available on the internet. (although I do buy some as I enjoy flipping through the pages, specially the pictures)

I did not think I would make the field of food and cooking as a career. I graduated in IT from a University in the UK. Since leaving school I have worked in the fields of electronics and IT, until I decided to quit my job in 2010. After working for more than 12 years in a media company, I left and started an apparel business with a partner. When that failed, I decided to follow my passion for food and cooking. I soon opened and operated a food stall with the help and support from my family. Then after almost 2 years in business, I had to give it up due to reasons of health and logistics.

Now cooking is just a hobby and I am very happy to cook for family and friends. Every day, after cooking for my family, I would spend my spare time surfing the Internet. Searching for ideas of what to cook next. I prefer eating at at home. It gives me great pleasure especially when my cooking is enjoyed by family and friends. When I have the occasional meal outside and I find what was served is delicious and according to my taste, I will try to find the recipe and try to cook it myself. Tasting, researching and trying have resulted in my Mixed Fruit Chutney and Pickled Salted Fish which I sell to friends and relatives if there is a request.

“Cook with Passion, from the Heart and with lots of LOVE”

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    1. AsSalam. It’s a ready to use spice mix that consist of Cili, Onion, Lemongrass, Ginger, Garlic, Turmeric & Galanggal.

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