Bread Fruit Fritters & Seafood Mushroom Fritters

Bread Fruit or Buah Sukon in Malay can be made into variety of finger food suitable for breakfast, afternoon tea or as a snack while you are watching your favourite TV shows..

Rub with a little turmeric and salt then deep fried, or coated with #TAGPAKUSU batter for a crispy fritter, sliced thinly deep fried for that crispy chips or when it has ripened combined with #TAGPakUsu for a sweet and creamy fritters.

For today’s breakfast, I mixed #TAGPakUsu with Coriander Fennel mixture for an addedd flavour and I used the remaining batter to coat and fried some Seafood Mushroom. For that extra ummph, both eaten with Sambal Anchovy dip.

Bread Fruit Fritters & Seafood Mushroom Fritters



  • Combined all the ingredients and set aside for 10 minutes,
  • Heat oil in a frying pan for deep frying.
  • Coat the sliced Bread Fruit and deep fry till golden brown. Remove from pan and transfer to a plate layered with kitchen towel to drain any access oil. Continue with the rest or bread fruit and mushroom.


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