Bagadil Bakso Tahu Telor Roti Guling (Bread Roll). The name I coined just for some fun as I am inspired by Indonesian that is fond of creating acronyms. This snack came about after making Batalor, there are left over of the fillings. Not wanting to waste it  I used the same fillings, add a couple pieces of chili padi for that extra kick. Below are the simple step on how to make Bataring.


Servings 4


  • 12 slices Sandwich bread Cut the dark sides, cut the bread slices into 2 and use a rolling pin to flatten the bread
  • Cooking Oil for frying


  • 8 tbsp Batalor fillings refer to recipe on Batalor
  • 3 pc Red Chili Padi chopped

Egg Batter

  • 3 pc Egg
  • 2 tbsp #TAGPakUsu (Season Flour Mixed)


  • Combine and mixed the red chili padi and Batalor fillings.
  • Scoop 1 tsp of the fillings onto each of the flattened bread. Roll the bread and use a little of the egg batter as a glue to seal the end of the roll. Do the same for the rest of the bread
  • Heat oil in a frying pan. Dung the rolled bread into the egg batter and gently placed into the hot oil. Fry till golden brown.
  • Removed and placed on kitchen towel to absorb excess oil. Bataring is ready to be served on its own or with any other preferred dipping saiuce.
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